#90: 400L Aquatic Garden The pillars of the earth(How to disappear completely)

Pasquale Buonpane Piedimonte Matese, Italy

Awards and Comments

Second Place
This is not a new style but it is one I still enjoy seeing since I love that part of the world. This tank has been executed impeccably. Fantastic job!
— Karen Randall
Even the idea isn't original the layout is very well executed and the skillful work with Riccardia must be commented.
— Luca Galarraga
The surreal look of this tank reminds me of a science fiction setting. While so strange as to bother it is so dramatic that it draws the viewer in for further inspection. The sense of depth and prospective is awesome. The use of space void to filled perfect. It conjurs up so much imagination to the viewer that it is hard to look away! The riccia will be hard to maintain longterm.
— Drinda Jacobson
This i a real amazing garden with a great planting technic. Congrats!
— Oliver Knott

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 160 × 52 × 60 cm
Title The pillars of the earth(How to disappear completely)
Volume 400L
Lighting 4x58w T8(6500°K)
Filtration Canister filter
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides,Fissidens fontanus,Riccardia chamaedryfolia.
Animals 30 Tanichthys albonubes,5 Crossocheilus siamensis,15 Caridina japonica,Neocaridina "Red Cherry".
Materials Rocks were collected in nature.

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