#99: 20L Aquatic Garden Sheltering

James Starr-Marshall Finchley, England


The stone looks like a human face to me.
— Inderjeet Singh Bansal
Real cool...you create a small master piece in a small world. I love it because it is different.
— Oliver Knott
The plants are healthy and the aquarium is very well maintained but the layout is monotonous...
— Luca Galarraga

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 36 × 22 × 26 cm
Title Sheltering
Volume 20L
Background 8 Watt cool white backlight
Lighting 24 Watt daylight fluorescent
Filtration Fluval 104
Plants Vesicularia ferriei, Eleocharis parvula, Hemianthus callitrichoides, Riccia fluitans
Animals Boraras brigittae, Neocaridina heterapoda
Materials Seiryu stone, Nile sand, Forest sand
Additional Information In this aquascape I wanted to create a coastal scene and capture the effect of plant life spilling over the edges of the cliffs.

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