#101: 110L Aquatic Garden: Ordinary Course of Nature
Jirawong Laopiyasakul, Pattaya Chonburi Thailand | E-mail: birdbigjenny at hotmail.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Third Place

Excellent pebble-work around the path. The maintenance of the moss on the wood looks very natural. My only complaint (and it is a minor one) is that the Cryptocoryne wendtii leaves look a bit out of place -- you may want to remove these plants altogether, sticking solely to the grasses.

Kris Weinhold

Nice rockwork, and I love your stump. You've used some different plants, which is nice. The really white background is very stark, though. I think I'd prefer seeing it with something a little softer.

Karen Randall

Love the stump and the mature nature of its appearance. The rocks are arranged very nicely to optimize the blend in nicely with the stump. The plants in the background help frame the remainder of the aquascape. Great job!

Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
76 x 38 x 38 cm (30 x 15 x 15 in)
110L (29 gallons)
Boyu PLB-80H 36W x 2
Resun EF-1600
Additional Information
Ordinary Course of Nature
Riccardia graeffei Fissidens splachnobryoides Taxiphyllum sp. Vesicularia ferriei Fissidens Fontanus Cladophora aegagropila Hyophila involuta Hydrocotyle Verticillata Anubias coffefolia Anubias nana dwarf Cryptocoryne wendtii Brown Cryptocoryne wendtii Green Vallisneria nana Vallisneria spiralis
boraras urophthalmoides boraras maculatus Otocinclus Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki
Local driftwood and rocks