#122: 182L Aquatic Garden Bank of river

Marcin Ratajczak Kępno, Poland


Nice scape but the wood looks too bare and have some ends that look sawed off which isnt' natural.
— Kris Weinhold
Nice use of the wood and plants to create this aquascape. The midground by the wood was very nicely done. The stem plants need to be pruned along the back and shaped to define the area ing the back. Also the right portion of the tank doesn't flow with the rest of the tank. Remove the wood in the foreground as they don't help the overall effect of the aquascape. Please don't use blunt cut wood!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Bank of river
Volume 182L
Background White paper
Lighting 4x 39W 3x Narwa bio vital 1x philips master 6500K /12h
Plants Anubias mini/ nana, microsorium mini, Microsorium trident bolbitis heudeloti mini,Hedyotis,Rotala red. Ludwigia arcuata. Hedyotis salzmanii. Staurogyne repens. Echinodorus tenellus. Eleocharis parvula. Vallisneria nana. Cryptocoryne retrospiralis. Cryptocoryne green / petchii.Taiwan moss.
Animals Hasemania nana. Paracheirodon innesi. Corydoras panda. Otocinclus affinis.
Materials Red moor wood / Manten stone / aqua gravel
Penac .Power sand M 2L / Amazonia I New. Bright sand
Additional Information Callium potassium/easy life, Brightwell Aquatics Florin-FE, Green Gain, Green Bacter
15kg glass dyfuzor 5b/s

Tank functioned seven months

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