#148: 216L Paludarium Paludarium for Chelus Fimbriatus

Abraham Sánchez Lima, Peru

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 45 × 40 cm
Title Paludarium for Chelus Fimbriatus
Volume 216L
Background I only use Driftwood as background.
Lighting Two fluorescent tubes:
Philips TLD 840
GE Light Day
Filtration One filter SOBO 340F with several pipes for irrigation
Plants Bamboo, Sagitaria, spathiphyllum sp, syngonium, Cyperus Umbrella, Centella Bonariensis, Fitonia
Animals 2 Chelus Fimbriatus - MataMata Turtle
Materials Fine sand, avocado leaves, driftwood Amazon River, grape vine

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