#168: 180L Aquatic Garden LONELY TREE STUMP

Tautvilas Laureckis Kuršėnai, Lithuania


The back half of the aquascape looks really good but the lawn of Riccia looks unnatural. Try having bits of the midground creep into the foreground to make it more intriguing and integrated.
— Kris Weinhold
Good job on a thriving tank! The driftwood is unique and you have done a good job blending it into the aquascape. Instead of letting the Echinodorus grow along the whole back portion of the tank confine it to a corner or small portion of the tank. Prune and expand the Ludwigia in the left side of the tank to fill out that side with some lush growth and move your Cryptcoryne so it fills in the section under the wood as it extends out. Good job on a healthy tank!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Volume 180L
Background Black
Lighting 150 MH 5600K
Filtration External filter 700l/h + 2000l/h powerhead
Plants 1. Riccia sp.
2. Cryptocoryne undulata
3. Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
4. Eleocharis sp
5. Ludwigia repens
6. Echinodorus angustifolius
7. Vesicularia montagnei
Animals 1. Paracheirodon axelrodi,
2. Boraras sp.
3. Crossocheilus siamensis,
4. Neocaridina sp.
Materials 1 Drifwood from local forest.
Additional Information Substrate: ADA additivies, Akadama.
Water changes: during 2-4 weeks 30-50% of all water volume.
Layout age at photosession: 7 months old.
Ferilizers: VIMI ALL IN ONE, VIMI ALL IN RED, VIMI ACCELERATOR, Ferka Rosseta, Ferka Stemma, pressurized CO2 + atomizer.

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