#202: 20L Aquatic Garden: Canyon and Falls
Wongsawan Wetchasit, Bangbuathong Distric Nonthaburi Thailand | E-mail: pooh.gm at gmail.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Second Place

Lovely mountain scape with beautiful rock work and great planting. I love the touch of red from the Rotala.

Karen Randall

The really like this aquascape. That said, I find the pearling Riccia to be very distracting, almost like it was just recently floating, and planted right before the photo. The rock on the right side also is a bit too high, and visually conflicts with the water surface reflections. These are really nit-picky things, however, as I'm otherwise very impressed by this aquascape.

Kris Weinhold

No much to say to you my friend other than add 15 more fish. I really enjoy your work.

Luis Navarro

Very impressive use of rockwork to create the aquascape. The pearling of the riccia gives the impression of a waterfall, which I think is the effect your were going for. I'd like to have seen more of the Rotala used in the back to create an added contrast in the tank. Congrats on a well done tank!

Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
45 x 20 x 23 cm (18 x 7.9 x 9.1 in)
20L (5 gallons)
Transparent-White plastic sheet.
PL36W10000K*2 8 Hrs. a day
Eheim2211 with Daz-S media.
Additional Information
fertilization: ADA Green Gain, Brighty-K, Step 1
Canyon and Falls
Riccia 'Dwarf', Hemianthus Calltrichoides, Rotala Mexicana 'Goias', Flame Moss, Minipearl Moss, Spiky Moss
15 of Boraras naevus, 5 of Neocaridina var 'red'
[Thailand's Local Sand Stone arrangement in vertical direction to present reddish vertical mountain and canyon], [Substrate: ADA Amazonia and ADA Amazonia Powder(cover)], [Decorate Sand(Present as River): ADA Nile Sand]