#24: 25L Aquatic Garden THE START OF A FOREST

Gustavo Novakowski Maringá, Brazil


I really like the sparse look of this aquascape and you've done a nice job mixing the two color tones of substrate. The stems on the left look a little unkempt though.
— Kris Weinhold
Divide the substrate a little better so the soil doesn't make your tank look dirty.
— Luis Navarro
This tank looks like a good start. The plants need to fill out and blend the hardscape material together. The placement of the rock on the right does not fit the aquascape and would be better moved towards the back.
— Bailin Shaw
The planting is a bit sparse and the dark substrate mixing into the sand is distracting.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 23 × 28 cm
Volume 25L
Background White wall
Lighting 2x t8 10wts 6500K 12hr/d
Filtration Hagem elite hush 5
Plants Rotala Sp. Francisco;
Rotala Rotundifolia;
Eleocharis acicularis;
Riccia Fluitans;Callitriche Stagnalis;
Echinodorus tenellus blood;
Animals Paracheirodon simulans (Green Neon Tetra)
Materials Substrate : Amazonia Mbreda
Rocks: Black Rock Mbreda
Additional Information liquid fertilizer with:
Fe2+ + Carbo from RC FLORA 3 times week
All in one from RC FLORA 3 times week

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