#249: 23L Aquatic Garden 3 Picks

Bonnet valerian Valence , France


I like your use of Pogostemon helferi in this scape. The rocks are well placed but they don't match the substrate.
— Kris Weinhold
Nice Iwagumi with a little different feel due to the path running up betwen and behind the rocks. I like the fact that you've used a variety of stone sizes for a very natural look.
— Karen Randall
Creating a rocks garden is difficult and you did a great job in such small tank.
— Luis Navarro
Nice little aquascape which feels like it is still maturing. Adding a stem or grass like plant in the back on the left might add depth to that side. I like your use and placement of the stones. Well done.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 43 × 26 × 23 cm
Title 3 Picks
Volume 23L
Background Black
Lighting 1 X 24 Watt T5 (osram 865 HO/6500 K)
Filtration Eheim 2213
Plants Eleocharis Parvula
Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba
Pogostemon Helferi
Materials Seiryu Stone
Aquasoil New Amazonia
Sable de Loire
Additional Information Fluval edge tank
Easy Life Easy-Carbo (1ml/d)
Easy Life Profito (3ml/W)

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