#333: 20L Aquatic Garden Green island

Jarosław Hnat Nysa, Poland


I like the idea of a large cliff in this scape but the two pieces of wood sticking out of the cliff are a little odd looking.
— Kris Weinhold
Good layout a little dark on the right side and the stem plants in the back need more presence or maybe just leave them out.
— Luis Navarro
Nice healthy looking tank. The Rotala needs to be pruned and shaped to provide structure to the right side. The large stem unfortunately stands out too much and detracts from the effect. Nice tank.
— Bailin Shaw
Pretty but the R. wallichii needs to fill in more and the hard scape is a bit overpowering..
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 36 × 22 × 26 cm
Title Green island
Volume 20L
Background Background used: white
Lighting DIY Lamp Genie 1 x14W PHILIPS 6000K
9 hours daily
ON 1:00 PM
OFF 10:00 PM
Filtration Filter EHEIM 2211
In the middle:
- watt
- JBL MicroMec 0.5 L
- sponge
Plants Rotala Wallichii
Staurogyne Repens
Hemianthus callitrichoides
Microsorum sp. 'Windelov'
Eleocharis Acicularis
Eleocharisa Vivipara
Phoenix Moss
Taiwan Moss
Animals 13 x Rasboras urophthalmoides
2 x Otocinclus sp.
Materials Substrate: ADA Amazonia 4L (used one year)
- Wood 1kg
- ADA Manten STONE 0,5kg
Additional Information Fertilizers:
Full doses of EI method
NO3 21ppm / per week
K 13ppm / per week
3ppm PO4 / per week
Mg 10ppm / per week
Micro CSM + B 0.46 ppm / per week

CO2 system:
1.5 kg CO2 box, dispensing one bubble per second (DIY mixer in EHEIM 2211)

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