#341: 110L Aquatic Garden The Snail

Steven Waldron Seattle, United States


Nice use of moss on the wood to create a very lush aquascape.
— Kris Weinhold
Aptly named layout. I can certainly envision the snout of the snail and its shell. Good job creating the snail. The Hydrocotyle could be developed more for the tank and the moss needs a nice pruning to "tighten" up the aquascape. Fun tank!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 75 × 33 × 47 cm
Title The Snail
Volume 110L
Background None. Natural light is an important aspect of the design.
Lighting Seattle southern exposure natural light diffused through a curtain of bamboo and a single 6500K 65watt CFL.
Filtration Eheim 2215
Plants Christmas moss, Weeping Moss, Willow Moss, Flame Moss, Fissidens nobilis, Bolbitis heudelotii, Blyxa japonica, Dwarf Hairgrass, Marisilea minuta, Hydrocotyle verticillata
Animals 15 White Cloud Mountain Minnnows, 5 Badis badis, 6 Danio erythromicron, 1 Bintang Licorice gourami, 6 Orange Sakura shrimp, 6 Crystal Red Shrimp,
Materials A serious of driftwood tied together in a sculptural mollusc-inspired spiral-shaped form. ADA Amazonia Aquasoil

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