#391: 3402L Paludarium Nuanced Descent

cory nudelman las vegas, United States

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 84 × 36 × 60 cm
Title Nuanced Descent
Volume 3402L
Background Black
Lighting 4500-5000 watts 64k plus uvb reptile lights
Lids 9444 lexan
Filtration Filter

Double sump sytem 5 circulation,feed delivery pumps. No co2 used but I do dose o3

Plants Aquatic plants

Anubias barteri,nana,petite,Anubias frazeri,Cryptocoryne wendtii,Pistia stratiotes,Riccia fluitans,Taxiphyllum barbieri,Cladophora?,Nymphaea?. More than 50 species of terrestrial and epiphytic plants.
Animals Approximately 200 Fish

Gasteropelecus stellatus,Rasbora heteromorpha,Kryptopterus bicirrhis,Otocinclus,Melanotaenia praecox,Iriatherina werneri,Paracheirodon axelrodi,Corydoras sterbai,Corydoras panda,Sewellia lineolata,Moenkausia pittieri,Trichogaster microlepis,Periophthalmus barbarus,Anableps anableps,Pangio kuhlii,Pantodon Buchhoizi, shrimp, clams, crayfish, several Plesuma gecko's, Chelus fimbriatus.

Materials Substrate

Black fracted clay, driftwood, vines and rock
Additional Information This is a tri-level "Mini Jungle". The right side water depth is 36", center 24" and left side 7" deep. The 7" side is designed for mudskippers. They have been in the display for over 1 year. This is first and foremost a animal display. mollusks, crustaceans, fish, amphibians, and reptiles are all included. Both diurnal and nocturnal animals are to be placed. Several species have yet to arrive. The display contains dozens of species of terrestrial and epiphytic plants most have in more than 1 1/2 years. The Philodendron bipinnatifidum has been intentionally placed. It provides basking and feeding sites for Phelsumas and needed shade for orchids as well as nutrient transport. I remove one 24" leaf every 3 weeks. I would like to thank the distinguished judges for their time, and point out that "It's a Jungle in There." Look for our female anablep in side photo, she's in the center on the right and 24" below to left is a skipper (see close up photo). Turtle display has separate filter system to prevent quarantining problems with feeders.

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