#124: 15L Aquatic Garden Goa Cipareuan

Ranran Rahayu Bandung, Indonesia


This is a nice composition with a good use of the bridge commonly seen in aquascaping but well executed. I think you could achieve a better impression working with the structure over the bridge it becomes a bit flat with all those small peaks. The texture of the stone mixed with Riccardia at the left side have created a very natural feeling. On the right side the shade of the stone is a bit big losing some of the beauty of that part.
— Juan Puchades Rufino
Open space of this layout was created by very delicate details.
— Long Tran Hoang

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 20 × 25 cm
Title Goa Cipareuan
Volume 15L
Background None
Lighting 1 Watt x 12 HPL
Filtration HOB Jebo 100
Plants Ricardia Moss
Animals Amandae 5
Materials ADA Amazonia, Silica, Eragon Stone

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