#215: 96L Aquatic Garden Flooded Forest

Jesslyn Mei Yoong Saw Wyndham Vale, Australia

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm
Title Flooded Forest
Volume 96L
Background Sky blue paper
Lighting 60cm Illumagic Blaze P LED, 7hour day cycle with sunrise and sunset settings.
Filtration External canister filter - Eheim 2217
Plants Crypt lucens, Crypt wendtii, Bolbitis, Philipine java fern, Mini java fern, Needle leaf java fern, US fissidens, Mini pellia, Peacock moss, weeping moss, native moss, Anubia nana, Anubia nana petite
Animals 5x Chocolate gourami, 13x Green neon tetra, 3x striped Kuhli loach, 3x black Kuhli loach, 10x Corydora habrosus, 15x Paratya australiensis
Materials Driftwood forest and clift face, lava rocks, ADA Malaya
Additional Information CO2 injection - 3 bubbles per second

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