#233: 54L Aquatic Garden The Last Frontier

Rennier Katigbak San Pascual, Philippines


A very healthy and detailed scenario. Maybe the planting scheme has blinded the hardscape too much (details are very important but should not overshadow the main theme). I would like a bit more depth to achieve a better overall vision.
— Juan Puchades Rufino

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm
Title The Last Frontier
Volume 54L
Background dark blue film
Lighting aquasky 602 (8hrs/ split 4-8-4-8)
Filtration external filter: eheim 2217
Plants anubias 'nana' petite, cryptocoryne parva, hemianthus callitrichoides'cuba', hemianthus glomeratus, mictosorum pteropus'windelov', mictosorum pteropus 'narrow', pogostemon, helferi, riccadia chamedryfolia, riccia fluitans, rotala sp. colorata, staurogyne sp. repens, uticularia, graminifolia, vesicularia ferriei 'christmas moss', flame moss, bucephalandra sp. kedegang, buce sp. kayu lapis, buce sp. mini catherine, ludwigia arcuata, fissidens fontanus, hydrocotyle triprtita, hygrophilla pinnatifida
Animals neon tetra (18), ember tetra (10), amano shrimp (2), red cherry (30+), assassin snail (10+)
Materials driftwood: tweety and pinetree
subrate: amazonia normal & powder type, powersand special
rocks: lava rock, seiryu
Additional Information ada green brighty special lights, ada K, azoo red advan, ada ECA

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