#313: 360L Aquatic Garden: The Owl’s shriek
POUPIN Ulrich, MORSANG SUR ORGE ESSONNES FRANCE | E-mail: poupin_ulrich at yahoo.fr | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Top Ten

This aquarium has two great strengths. An original recreation of a submerged landscape and a wonderful choice and health of plants. This aquarium gets high marks thanks to a very well done photograph, perfect choice and position of the fish shoal, great wood structure and smart plant choice. the naturalness of mix between the cosmetic sand and ground cover plants could be improved.

Juan Puchades Rufino

Wonderful work, a perfect Nature Aquarium layout! Very good balance between hardscape and open space. Right plant choice and skillful planting. Congratulations, in my TOP5!

Luca Galarraga

Driftwood arranged in a very reasonable way, from foreground up to background. It reproduces successfully an interesting part of nature.

Long Tran Hoang

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
120 x 60 x 50 cm (47 x 24 x 20 in)
360L (95 gallons)
2 * 150 watts HQI ADA lamp
filter externe 2000 L/H
Additional Information
bottle 2Kg 1 bubble / s - 24h/24 fertilization : NPK + profito + easycarbo
The Owl’s shriek
singapour moss- weeping moss - fissidens moss - anubia nana – eleocharis acicularis- eleocharis parvula – eleocharis sp mini - cryptocoryne wendtii brown - cryptocoryne petchii - hydrocotyle tripartita - hydrocotyle verticilata - microsorum narrow leaf - bolbitis heudelotti - echinodorus tenellus green – eriocaulon sp
caridina japonica - Paracheirodon simulans - Mikrogeophagus ramirezi
New amazonia – mekong sand