#320: 35L Aquatic Garden Scape that stuff!

Andreas Ruppert Frechen, Germany

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Amazing planting skill of creator with many tiny plant with perfect details made this simple layout become a outstanding work.
— Long Tran Hoang

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 32 × 28 cm
Title Scape that stuff!
Volume 35L
Background Frosted glas foil
Lighting 1x 25W Dennerle Scapers Light, 1x 8W AquaLighter LED
Filtration Dennerle Scapers Flow 360l/h
Plants Hemianthus c. "Cuba"; Micranthenum "Monte Carlo"; Eleocharis pussila; Fissidens fontanus; Fissidens nobilis; Riccardia spec.; Vesicularia montagnei; Mini Taiwan Moss; Bolbitis heteroclitha "Difformis"; Schismatoglothis roseospatha; Crepidomanes calicut; Rotala mexicana "Goias"; Anubias nana "petite"; Plagiomnium cf. affine; Plagiochila integerrima; Nymphoides spec. "Lymnocharus", 4 kinds of different, very small Bucephalandra
Animals Caridina simoni simoni ; Clithon spec.
Materials Hardscape: Ohko stones ; Substrate: Dennerle soil and white sand
Additional Information Fertilization with Aqua Rebell products ; DIY background lighting

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