#337: 162L Aquatic Garden Hopes

Robertus Hartono Singapore, Singapore

Awards and Comments

Second Place
I really like the impression of this tank. It's strong natural and with good depth. Fauna choice is simply perfect and photo is very well done. However I would like a more mature and detailed planting plan to achieve the first place. Anyway a brilliant work!!
— Juan Puchades Rufino
Strong impact and highly difficult execution!
The fish position and movement was one of the strong points in this work!
Congratulations in my TOP3!
— Luca Galarraga
Rocks and driftwood were arranged in a very special and natural way especially the open space with the many tiny driftwood pieces and aquatic plants created an excellent part of nature with a beautiful perspective effect.
— Long Tran Hoang

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 40 cm
Title Hopes
Volume 162L
Background None
Lighting 4x39W T5HO
Filtration Eheim 2217
Plants Aridarium caulescens var. angustifolium,
Bucephalandra sp. Catherinae,
Eleocharis parvula,
Fissidens fontanus (US fissiden),
Hemianthus micranthemoides,
Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo',
Microsorium pteropus 'Narrow',
Taxiphyllum barbieri,
Taxiphyllum sp. (spiky moss),
Vesicularia montagnei (christmas moss)
Animals Hyphessobrycon amandae (Ember tetra),
Neocaridina heteropoda var. 'red',
Otocinclus affinis
Materials ADA Amazonia, rocks and woods

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