#341: 20L Aquatic Garden Bridge

Kau Wan Ling Singapore, Singapore

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Very nice composition light and shade in perfect balance. Very natural ... congratulations in my TOP3!
— Luca Galarraga

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm
Title Bridge
Volume 20L
Background None
Lighting 20W LED
Filtration Eheim 2211
Plants Fissidens fontanus,
Bucephalandra sp. Catherinae,
Hemianthus micranthemoides,
Micranthemum umbrosa 'Monte Carlo',
Utricularia graminifolia,
Spiky moss
Animals Hyphessobrycon amandae (Ember tetra),
Neocaridina heteropoda var. 'red'
Materials ADA Amazonia, Rocks and Wood

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