#379: 107L Aquatic Garden Sunny Valley

Paulo Victor Dias Almeida Vitória, Brazil

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 78 × 38 × 36 cm
Title Sunny Valley
Volume 107L
Background vegetal papper
Lighting 2 t5 24w + 5 m led 5730
Filtration Eheim 2215
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides (cuba), Staurogyne repens (Staurogyne), Eleocharis sp. "Japan" (Eleocharis japan), Fissidens sp. mini nobilis (Fissidens nobilis), Fissidens sp. fontanus (Fissidens fontanus), Taxiphyllum sp. “flame” (Flame Moss), Taxiphyllum sp. “spiky” (Spiky moss), Riccardia chamedryfolia (Riccardia).
Animals Paracheirodon simulans - Neon Verde (8 unid.) and Planorbis sp. - Pink Ramshorn Snail (8 unid.)
Materials Mbreda Amazonia, Granitic Rock, bonsai trunks, white sand
Additional Information Mbreda Macro e Micro nutrientes

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