#432: 200L Biotope Aquascape Rio San Lucas, a sub-basin of the Atoyac River, San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, Oaxaca, México.

Víctor Manuel Ortiz Cruz San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, Mexico

Awards and Comments

Second Place
Creator has created a full completed scene of underwater lives with rock sand and roots of floating aquatic plants on the water surface.
— Long Tran Hoang

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 50 × 40 cm
Title Rio San Lucas, a sub-basin of the Atoyac River, San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, Oaxaca, México.
Volume 200L
Background Black vinyl.
Lighting 2 saving bulbs of 65 watts, with 3900 lm (each), 6500k; plus one small 35 watts in the middle.
Filtration External: JBL CristalProfi e701 greenline
Plants Hydrocotyle umbellata, Eleocharis acicularis, Heteranthera reniformis , Bacopa caroliniana , Bacopa monnieri , Ludwigia peploides, Nasturtium officinale (introduced species), Baccharis salicifolia. Poaceae grasses.
Animals Poeciliopsis gracilis (6)
Poeciliopsis fasciata (6)
Poecilia sphenops (4)
Astyanax fasciatus (1)
Materials To make it as real biotope, extracted responsibly use the elements, the plants were cultivated in tubs, fish are wild baby animals born in captivity. The rocks were extracted from the river to recreate, because it is constant in some areas the exploitation of stone materials, wood is very little employment is not very common because the river carries a constant speed. It was constantly necessary visits to the river to know every detail and representative element.
Additional Information The intention to make this biotope aquarium is to promote the revaluation of several Mexican species, which are neglected in Mexico, which are called "charales" and people think only serve to feed other fish when it is not. In addition, the aquarium biotope is displayed in a water gallery, which aims to encourage and promote environmental education and environmental awareness of the municipality of San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, so that people know their species, valued again, the care and use responsibly.

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