#126: 784L Biotope Aquascape Rocky clefts of Malawi

Jean Carlo de Almeida Castro Goiânia, Brazil


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Aquascape Details

Dimensions 160 × 70 × 70 cm
Title Rocky clefts of Malawi
Volume 784L
Background BlacK
Lighting 2 - 20w led reflectors and 1 - 10w rgb led reflector
Filtration Sump
Plants Only one branch of Phyllanthus sp found in Brazil and in Africa. Simulating some branches that eventually fall into the lake and getting stuck in the cracks of the rocks
Animals 5 - Labeotropheus trewavasae thumb west
1 - Metriaclima greshakei
1 - Nimbochromis venustus
1 - Arystochromis Chrystyi
1 - Labidochromis hongi
1 - Cynotilapia pulpican
1 - Melanochromis chipokae
1 - Labidochromis caeruleus
1 - Aulonocara stuartgrant maleri
1 - Scianochromis fryeri
1 - Pseudotropheus crabro
1 - Metriaclima pyrsonotos
1 - Pseudotropheus socolofi
1 - Metriaclima estherae
1 - Aulonocara nyassae
1 - Melanochromis auratus
Materials Seixo Rocks, natural sand substrate, Diy artificial sideground 3D, small suface trunk and DiY artificial surface rock.
Yes, there are some places on the lake are some fallen trunks.
Additional Information This aquarium was inspired by the large clefts that occur on the rocky reef of Lake Malawi , decorated with lots of natural stone to provide a more conducive environment for Mbunas. Being a high aquarium, could also explore some levels, such as artificial stones on the surface and side, simulating a large crack in parts, so it created an equally suitable for haplochromideos midwater environment.

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