#170: 353L Aquatic Garden Horizons of Iceland

Arthur Sarti de Almeida São Paulo, Brazil


Very interesting job. But I miss a little bit more cosmetical sand in the front of the layout. The compaction of the bushes could be better. The hole in the reflex between Rotalas at the left side is not good.
— André Longarço

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 150 × 50 × 47 cm
Title Horizons of Iceland
Volume 353L
Lighting 4 fluorescent bulbs T5 HO 80W JBL
Filtration 2 X Eheim Professional 3 - 2075
Plants Rotala sp. Green / Rotala indica / Rotala rotundifolia / Hydrocotyle tripartita / Marsilea angustifolia / Eleocharis minima / Callitriche sp. / Staurogyne repens / Ludwigia glandulosa / Hygrophila pinnatifida / Nambei moss
Animals More than 200 Paracheirodon axelrodi
Materials Aqua Soil Amazonia ADA
ADA Ryuoh Stones
Additional Information Full line of Seachem Flourish fertilization

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