#223: 540L Dutch Aquascape 春之氣息 The breath of spring

Jan-Yi, Lee Kaohsiung , Taiwan


The clear intention of Dutch Style is there. However when you are using such distinctive decoration materials such as the piece of driftwood you should use that the emphasize the focal points. Now it jsut disrupts the whole composition.
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 150 × 60 × 60 cm
Title 春之氣息 The breath of spring
Volume 540L
Lighting T8 40W 8燈 9h/Day
Filtration 1300L/H
Plants 大寶塔 Limnophila aquatica
紅柳 Limnophila aquatica
豹紋黃冠 Echinodorus Ozerot
中柳 Hygrophila stricta
水羅蘭 Hygrophila difformis
虎斑睡蓮 Nymphaea maculata
綠睡蓮 Nymphaea glandulifera
紅宮廷 Rotala rotundifolia "red"
綠溫蒂椒草 Cryptocoryne wendtii ''green''
日本簀藻 Blyxa japonica
鹿角鐵皇冠 Microsorium pteropus "windelov"
紅蛋 Echinodorus osiris
三角莫絲 Vesicularia montagnei
Additional Information 15W紫外線殺菌燈 2h/Day,CO2/5/SEC,2W/1/2

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