#291: 180L Aquatic Garden "AVIA"

Javier Alonso Lecuna mexico city, Mexico

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Great perspective and natural atmosphere. Anubias is not suitable for this layout because the proportion of the leaves . I miss a little bit of cosmetic sand at the frontside.
— André Longarço

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 50 × 40 cm
Title "AVIA"
Volume 180L
Lighting T5 21W x 8, 8 hrs
Filtration Boyu EF45 UV
Plants bolbitis heudelotii, bolbitis heudelotii mini, vesicularia ferriei, vesicularia montagnei, fissidens fontanus,taxiphylum sp., anubia verteri var. nana, hydrocotyle tripartita, bucephalandra sp., rotala green, eleocharis belem, rotala "goiás", lilaeopsis brasiliensis, marsilea crenata, micranthemum umbrosum, rotala inidica, willow gigantea, myriophyllum matogrossense,
Animals 30 paracheirodon axelrodi,15 pristella maxillaris, 8 otocinclus afinnis, planorbis, neocaridina heteropoda
Materials seiryu stone, "manzanita" driftwood, seachem blacksand.
Additional Information Co2 pressurized.

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