#31: 182L Aquatic Garden Harmonious

盘育成 佛山市, China

Awards and Comments

First Place
Amazing work!!! Very natural and strong layout. I like the mosses job but in my oppinion we could take off 20% of woods and still it would be wonderful
— André Longarço
Exceptional work!!!I love the endless depth the effect of light and shadow gives much character is an aquarium full of details invites you to gazing for hours. Congratulations
— Balbi Vaquero

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Harmonious
Volume 182L
Lighting Opnova EZ-600
Filtration 创星CF-1200
Plants 绿袜莫斯,绿藻球,辣椒榕,迷你水榕,青木蕨,趴地矮珍珠
Animals 绿莲灯
Materials 沉木,杜鹃根,火山石,河川石
Additional Information 作品灵感来自于红树林地貌,植物繁杂的根系伸入水中,成为了众多小型生物的栖息地,构成了一幅让人难忘的水下景象。

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