#310: 50L Aquatic Garden Paradise of Marie

Aymeric Bernard Quimper, France

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 36 × 31 cm
Title Paradise of Marie
Volume 50L
Background Scaper's soil
Sansibar "river'
Lighting Scaper's LED 24 watts 6500K° pour 2000 Lumens.
6 heures
Filtration Scaper's flow 360 l/h
Plants riccardia chamedryfolia
rotala rotundifolia
ludwigia palustris
vesicularia sp
anubia nana mini
microsorum trident
alternanthera reineckii mini
Animals caridina japonica
tanichthys albonubes
Materials Seyriu Stonne
Racine Asia
Additional Information Easy-Life ProFito + Easy-Life EasyCarbo

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