#346: 230L Dutch Aquascape Dutch revival

Andrea Beatriz Lauria Castelluccio inferiore, Italy

Awards and Comments

Second Place
Actually this tank has the best ingredients to become a top Dutch style tank. It has healthy looking plant groups that amongst eachother have strong contrasts in colour leaf shapes and height. In this scape it is just a matter of details: more focus on one or two strong focus points. A bit less plants and usage of one of the forground plants to create a "street" of plants would make it stronger.
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 110 × 45 × 58 cm
Title Dutch revival
Volume 230L
Lighting 1 t5 54 watt 4000 kelvin, 3 t5 54 watt 6500 kelvin
Filtration 1 askoll 300, 1 jbl cristal profi 900
Plants Ludwigia repens rubin, Ludwigia palustris, Lobelia cardinalis, Rotala goias, Rotala ha'ra, Blyxa japonica, Anubias bonsai, Lindernia india, Eleocharis xingu, Hygrophila polisperma, Cryptocoryne petchii pink,Hottonia palustris, Hygrophila araguaia, Bacopa caroliniana, Myriophyllum red steam.
Animals 9 Barbus tetrazona, 9 barbus green, 9 otocinclus vittatus
Materials Tropica soil, tropica growth, quarzo

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