#435: 465L Biotope Aquascape Cryptoheros in Rio Lancetilla

Tomislav Sobota Zagreb, Croatia


First Place

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 136 × 57 × 60 cm
Title Cryptoheros in Rio Lancetilla
Volume 465L
Background For background I use black sticker
(Scotch tape)
Lighting DIY lighting, two LED spotlights, cool + warm white
Filtration Sump filter filled with ceramic rings, different aquarium filter sponge + refugium inside sump with aquatic plants such as anubias and some microsorum
Animals Cryptoheros Cutteri x 6
Materials Aquarium decoration is based on fine river sand mixed with river gravel for supstrate, large river round stones and pebbles collected on the river banks and some branches collected in forest.
Additional Information Aquarium represent the small part of Rio Lancetilla in Honduras. Lancetilla river is native Cutteri river, it flows in the Lancetilla botanical garden which is second largest garden in the world.
It is natural rocky river with roundish grey, white and brown stones with rarely any plants, water is hard, pH around 7,5.

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