#463: 40L Aquatic Garden Arboreal Embrace

Russell Leidich Chuluota, United States

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 41 × 41 × 30 cm
Title Arboreal Embrace
Volume 40L
Background None.
Lighting IKEA Arod floor lamp with Polaroid PAR38 2200 lumen 5000K outdoor rated LED bulb. Probably 1800 lumens would have been sufficient without overstimulating plant growth. I have to keep it at least 20 cm away in order to limit maximum daily water temperature. And speaking of lighting considerations, I apologize for the faint tripod reflections which have only become evident as I post this. With glass cylinders, it's hard to play the lighting angle games which can mitigate annoying reflections from rectangular aquariums.
Filtration Generic JP-032 90 GPH powerhead, just for circulation (visible at top rear). Thanks to robust ecological balance, it doesn't need filtration (although that balance took a few months to come to fruition).
Plants Echinodorus tenellus, Dwarf vallisneria sp., various Cryptocorne sp., Anubias nana, Hypnaceae sp.
Animals 7 Hemigrammus rhodostomus, 6 Paracheirodon axelrodi, 3 Elassoma evergladei, 1 Hasemania nana.
Materials Driftwood (hardwood core laden with labyrinthine insect boreholes), pool filter sand substrate.
Additional Information This was the original Junglejar rotating aquarium prototype, although I have removed the turntable so I can keep the powerhead in place along with a full clear acrylic disc top (3/8" thick mounted on vinyl bumpers a few mm thick). (The top is not shown because it obscures the downward view.) For related videos, see the dangerousfishbowl YouTube channel linked below. Photos were taken using 2 IKEA Arods in order to improve color saturation with my digital camera, but in practice I only use one of them because the Polaroid is too bright as it is. Maintenance is essentially zero -- just unclog the powerhead every couple weeks and trim the plants. I only do water changes every few months in order to remove tannins which leach from the driftwood, and are harmless apart from their aesthetic impact. I don't use any fertilizers (not even CO2 injection), algae suppressors, or other chemical treatments other than Seachem Prime for tap water conditioning during water changes every few months.

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