#495: 84L Biotope Aquascape Dark Prince Boogwood Empire

Vásárhelyi Imre Tata, Hungary


This tank just has too many "liberties" taken to be considered a good biotope tank. It is supposedly a Thai tank but the Betta is a man-made variety Pangio khulii are not Thai fish and most of the plants do not grow naturally in Thailand either.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 70 × 30 × 40 cm
Title Dark Prince Boogwood Empire
Volume 84L
Background black cardboard
Lighting 2*23 w compact fluorescent lamp
Filtration Ferplast bluextrem 1100 (half performance)
Plants Cryptocoryne wendtii brown, Cryptocoryne wendtii green, Microsorum pteropus narrow, Microsorum pteropus trident, Cryptocoryne parva, Pistia stratiotes, Eichhornia crassipes
Animals 1 Betta splendens (halfmoon, male), 5 Pangio kuhlii, 11 Trigonostigma heteromorpha, Anentome helena
Materials gravel soil, willow twings, basalt rock, tebang and walnut leaf, Alder coins tea
Additional Information The aquarium is a little Thailand wants imitate the flooded area.

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