#5: 270L Dutch Aquascape Peaceotorium

Farhad Taraj Tehran, Iran


Creating streets of plants is one of the things that Dutch Style is famous for. These streets create a strong sense of depth and also help to emphasize focus points in the Aquascape.

The owner of this tanks surely knows how to create such street. However this scape now almost entirely is made out of streets which realy is too much. You are missing the real focus points. In addition the sides of the aquarium look not in line with the rest of the scape.
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 45 cm
Title Peaceotorium
Volume 270L
Background Black
Lighting 4xT5 54w @ 7hour
Filtration 2x2217 EHEIM + Seachem Matrix Biological media
Plants 1-Hygrophila pinnatifida
2-Bacopa caroliniana
3-Phoenix moss
4-Pogostemon helferi
5-Red tiger lotus
6-Ludwigia glandulosa
7-Pogostemon erectus
8-Cabomba furcata :
9-Alternanthera rosanervig
10-Alternanthera reineckii mini
11-Syngonanthus belem
12-Syngonanthus fauna
13-Ludwigia inclinata sp. "curly/tornado"
14-Ludwigia sp 'Mini Super Red'
15-Limnophila aromatica
16-Eusteralis stellata
17-Anubias barteri var. nana
18-Bucephalandra Green
19-Tonina fluviatilis
20-Staurogyne repens
Animals 10xSerpae Tetra Longfin
1xSiamese Algae Eater
Materials ADA Amazonia normal+Powersand special M ,
JBL Mopani Wurzel wood

Additional Information ADA Step1,2 , Seachem & Brightwell Iron ,Elos plant 1 ,
NPK , Seachem Excel , Green bacter , ECA,
Diffuser : Do-Aqua Size 50 , JBL Taifun 25cm

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