#554: 13L Aquatic Garden follow me

Herry Rasio malang, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

First Place
I absolutely love this. The perfect piece of wood with lovely tight trimming of the mosses and small plants. I don't think a tank of this size is a suitable for fish of any type and certainly not for cardinal tetras which do best in a large group. Either some pretty shrimp or no animals at all would be a better choice in such a small tank.
— Karen Randall
Very strong and inusitate work. Maybe a little bit more work in the white sand would be better and more natural.
— André Longarço
Lovely driftwood arrangment maybe too big for this small tank. Such a pity!
— Domenico Losciale

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 18 × 24 cm
Title follow me
Volume 13L
Background White paper
Lighting ADA Aquasky Moon LED 301
Filtration SUNSUN HW-602B
Plants Buchepalandra, Mini Christmass, weeping, ricardia, anubias petite
Animals Cardinal Tetra
Materials garang stone, Pemphis acidula wood

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