#569: 700L Biotope Aquascape Inundated area in the Indragiri-basin (Sumatra)

Jeroen Vanhooren Aalst, Belgium

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 145 × 72 × 50 cm
Title Inundated area in the Indragiri-basin (Sumatra)
Volume 700L
Background Black vinyl
Lighting 1 x Aquatlantis Easy Led 6800 K (62 W) – time controlled – placement in the middle, with a beam angle of 120°.
Filtration sump 200 liter with different sizes of mechanical filtration media and a biological filtration medium and peat substrate
Plants Cryptocoryne sp.
Animals Trichopodus leerii (7) and Chromobotia macracanthus (11)
Materials rounded brownish aquarium gravel mixed with Sumatran laterite with leaves and twigs on top, large piece of wood.
Additional Information Extensive biotope description:
This aquarium simulates an inundated area of the Indragiri-basin in Sumatra. In the Western part of Sumatra there lays the Barisan range. Further east alluvial plains are formed by the larger rivers like Indragiri. The soil in this area is highly acidic and non-fertile (peat forrest). The water parameters in these inundated areas hence are very soft and acidic.
Plant life is restricted to Cryptocoryne Indragiri schulzei, Cryptocoryne bullosa var. scurillis and Ceratopteris thalictroides. Cryptocoryne species that thrive on these conditions are not easy to maintain in an aquarium environment. They really need a dry period. So I chose to use the commercially available Cryptocoryne bullosa.
During wet season, the adult Chromobotia macracanthus migrate from the main river to smaller upstream systems, to spawn. The juveniles stay in the floodplains for a few months, while the large ones go back to the main river.
During this time of the year there is a possibility that Chromobotia meet Trichopodus leeri (and lots of other commercially available fish). Sadly enough habitat loss (especially for the Trichopodus leerii) due to palm oil plantages is massive.
In this tank lighting is dimmed by overhanging forrest canopy. At the right side leaves, twigs and branches give the tank a more natural feel and add tannins and brown colour to the water. At the left side patches of Cryptocoryne grow in the submerse form.
Fishes like Chromobotia and Trichopodus leerii feel extremely comfortable in these conditions. They are very active and behave naturally.

Water change: is automatic with 3 episodes of adding 30 liters of fresh water each week by dripping system, so change in the water parameters is minimal.

Water temperature is controlled by a Eheim 3169 aquarium heater of 300 W. During the night the heater is off, to have a bit of fluctuation in temperature. Day temperature is 26°C, Morning temperature 25°C.

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