#63: 182L Aquatic Garden Just Buceps

Nurul Hikmah Sigit Makassar, Indonesia


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Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Just Buceps
Volume 182L
Lighting 4x39watt Aquazonic
Filtration eheim pro 3 1500l/h
Plants Weeping Moss, Tennelus, Bucephalandra Micratha, Bucephalandra mini catherine, Bucephalandra Red Shot,and others bucephalandra.
Animals Amandae, Sanil, Neocaradinae Shrimp
Materials Seiryu Stone, Silica Sands
Additional Information Just use Bucephalandra Plant, very many variants for bucephalandra, round, long, saw, normal leafs.
Size ultramini, supermini, mini, small, normal, big, giant and super giant :) and all can use in scaping tank.

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