#685: 120L Aquatic Garden Insight 洞见

Guanqun Ma 马冠群 Beijing, China


Great work. Very nice perspective and balance. Maybe if the cosmetic sand in the front would be bigger the depth sensation would be better. I'm just thinking about the tank size...the proportion don't match with the dimensions...
— André Longarço
Really eye-catching tank with incredible use of driftwood. It makes you want to go through the channel. Well done!
— Domenico Losciale

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Insight 洞见
Volume 120L
Lighting 4 24WT5HO lamp
Filtration Chong Hing CF-600
Plants Coral Moss, mini snow feathers, green court, chili Yung, Yung mini water Aoki fern, mini pepper grass, small triangle Moss, Egeria iron
Animals Cardinal, Red-eye beard
Materials Shen wood, lava, ADA plants mud, ADA Li River sand
Additional Information From childhood dream: After a beautiful and mysterious caves there are only a part of my wonderland waiting for me, and I've been struggling to find the cave. This is the reason I created the painting.

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