#93: 54L Aquatic Garden Apsu

Flavio Henard Jorge de Freitas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Apsu
Volume 54L
Background Background with white contact paper
Lighting 42 W T5
Filtration Hang on 450 liters per hours
Plants Fissidens zollingeri Montagne, Vesicularia montagnei, Lomariopsis lineata, Callitriche sp, Rodophyta Cyanidium sp, Eleocharis acicularis and Echinodorus tenellus
Animals Hyphessobrycon amandae, Caridina pareparensis parvidentata, Physa and Planorbis.
Materials Stones and driftwoods as hardscape.
System ADA Substrate
Additional Information
This work was inspired by the story of Apsu, the dragon of freshwater, of ancient mythology, the opposite of Tiamat, the dragon of salt water.

Weekly maintenance with water exchange of 50%.

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