#267: 300L Aquatic Garden 德鲁伊的天梯

liang jin 佛山, China

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
What a great layout! Strong and powerful. I loved the ravine in the center. The stones looks like real scenery with perfect perspective and perfect sense of depth. The weak point is the bushes in the trees... artificial and too rounded. Take care with too much driftwood. In excess they cause a messy impression. But one of the best work with stones of the contest. Congratulations.
— André Longarco
Congrats on this impressive layout... the strength comes from great detail of the canyon walls. The only thing I did not like was the round ball like tops to the trees... great effort!
— Kam Wong
Great use of scale and perspective to set the scene and draw the eye. The left side occupies a good portion of the scape and leaves me wanting to have something more there than to occupy the necessary space needed to drive the eye down the canyon.
— Shawn McBride

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 50 cm
Title 德鲁伊的天梯
Volume 300L
Background 尼特例
Lighting 150w*2
Filtration cf-1200 cf-600
Plants 水晶moss 三角moss 绿藻球 黑木蕨 青木蕨 南美针叶
Animals 黑灯 三角灯 虾
Materials 青龙石 杜鹃根 流木
Additional Information 梦之森源续集

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