#375: 73L Aquatic Garden Enchantress

Gusty Agung Kusuma Baturaja, Indonesia

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 35 × 35 cm
Title Enchantress
Volume 73L
Lighting Diy LED HPL 30watt.
24watt 6500k,
6watt royal blue 460-466nm.
8 hours a day
Filtration Canister atman 3336 (800L/H), HOB luckiness 301 with surface skimmer (300L/H)
Plants Anubias nana mini, bucephalandra "cooper leaf", cryptocoryne parva, eleocharis acicularis, echinodorus tenellus, hydrocotyle tripartita, mayaca fluviatilis, piptosphapta, peacock moss, ricardia moss.
Animals Neon tetra, siamese algae eater, horned snail, res cherry shrimp, yellow shrimp
Materials Substrate : Malang sand, sillica sand,
Hardscape : santigi roots, senggani roots,
local river stone.
Additional Information The maintenance is done once a week, including the water replacement which is 30% of the water, in order to maintain the quality. Fertilisation is done everyday by giving the amount of both micro and micro liquid nutrition alternately, except the day when the water is being replaced. All the maintenance is done by taking into account of the stability of the tank’s temperature.

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