#422: 200L Aquatic Garden 200 dutch tank

Flaviu Zapartan Cluj Napoca, Romania

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 40 × 50 cm
Title 200 dutch tank
Volume 200L
Background Black autoadezive background
Lighting LIGHT: 6x39w (2 odiseea light fixtures) 2x osram 865, 2 odiseea plant (purple), 2 sylvania Grolux (pink).
At 7AM the middle 2 bulbs starts and they close off at 1PM, at 7,30 AM starts 2 front bulbs and close off at 11,30 AM at 8 the back bulbs strats and close of at 12 AM (6 hours fotoperiode, full blast 236w only for 3,5 hours). 3 hours light break.
At 4 PM middle bulbs stats again till 10 PM, at 4,30 PM the back bulbs starts till 8,30 PM, at 5 PM front bulbs start and runs until 9 PM. (Another 6 hour fotoperiode with a 3,5 hour full blast)
Filtration Filtration 2 pumps with prefilters 1400 l/h and 1000 l/h (15 liters biological filter media 5 liters mechanical) + schimmer.
Plants Plants: 1-Eichornia azureea 2-Rotala sunset, 3-Syngonanthus Belem, 4-Lobelia Cardinalis (small and regular), 5-Ludwigia peruensis, 6-Tonina Fluviatilis, 7-Eriocaulon sp Vietnam, 8-Ludwigia mini red, 9-Syngonanthus Manaus, 10-Aponogeton Longiplumosum
Animals Fish: 50 rasbora espei, 12 pethya padamya (odessa barb), 10 corydoras panda, 8 otocinculus affinis, 15 Gyrinocheilus aymonieri, some RCS and amano shrimps
Additional Information Aditional info: 40-50% water change, declorinated tap water at 4-5 days. Lot of menteinance about 8-12 hours per week. (90% of this is trimming and replanting so the street of plants have good shape. I use unconventional plant selection that are unfit for usual trimming metods)
The hardest part is to respect all the rules. I had 23 species before and now only 10 so i respect the 10cm. rule, but it was hard to give up on those 13.
DYI fertilizer (estimative index), easy carbo, gh booter from 2 to 6 GH, 3 type of FE (gluconate, EDTA, DTPA used in diferent days). Presurized co2, PH set on controler 6,1

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