#471: 381L Aquatic Garden Uncharted

LIN, TING-CHUAN Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Awards and Comments

Third Place
Mesmerizing, A beautiful layout. if I had to pick on something it would be "a little symmetrical"... otherwise well done!
— Kam Wong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 127 × 60 × 50 cm
Title Uncharted
Volume 381L
Background black paint
Lighting t8 40w*6 /10hr
Filtration 2217*2
Plants Riccardia chamedryfolia
Vesicularia sp
Vesicularia ferriei
Fissidens fontanus
Micranthemum sp. "Monte Carlo"
Hemianthus micranthemoides
Anubias barteri var nana "Petite"
Davallia sp.
Microsorium sp.
Animals Hyphessobrycon elachys
Materials driftwood rock

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