#477: 131L Dutch Aquascape Life submerged

Dario Pezzoni Legnano, Italy

Awards and Comments


— Phil Edwards
DQ: I like this tank. Nice healthy looking plants. However the layout is shaped behind a square of foreground plants in a halfmoon shape. Not Dutch Style
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 80 × 41 × 40 cm
Title Life submerged
Volume 131L
Lighting 2x20w T8 Askoll Life Glo 6700°K + 1X24W T5 Juwel Colour 6800°K + 1x28w T5 Juwel Colour 6800°K + 1x24w T5 Askoll Life Glo 6700°K
Filtration Askoll, il Pratiko 100
Plants Cabomba Caroliniana
Didiplis Diandra
Hemianthus Callitrichoides
Hemianthus Micranthemoides
Heteranthera Zosterifolia
Ludwigia Arcuata
Ludwigia Glandulosa
Lysimachia Nummularia Aurea
Mayaca Fluviatilis
Micranthemum Umbrosum
Pogostemon Helferi
Rotala Green
Rotala Rotundifolia
Rotala Wallichii
Vallisneria Tortifolia
Animals 8 Paracheirodon Axelrodi,4 Rasbora Heteromorpha,10 Otocinclus Affinis,4 Caridine Multidentata,10 Neocaridine Heteropoda var. Red Cherry,2 Caridine Cristal Red
Materials Anubias Active foundation covered with inert gravel
Additional Information The fertilizers used are Dennerle: A1 DAILY, E15, V30, PLANTA GOLD 7 + CO2 38 bubble-minute during the photoperiod

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