#530: 27L Aquatic Garden Nano Canyon

Alen Hodžić Sveta Nedelja, Croatia

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
I love this type of layout. Very natural and detailed. Take care with the symmetry between two sides and with the shadow line in the reflections. Try to hide this with some plants. Keep aquascaping!!!
— André Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Nano Canyon
Volume 27L
Background White paper
Lighting ADA AQUASKY 301 17W
Filtration JBL Cristal Profi e401 GL
Plants Eleocharis sp. Mini , Fissidens fontanus, Hemianthus callitrichoides Cuba, Marsilea hirsuta , Riccardia chamedryfolia, Taxiphyllum sp. 'Flame' , Vesicularia dubyana mini 'Christmas'
Animals 5 Boraras urophthalmoides
Materials Unknown type of stone
Additional Information EI fertilization

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