#580: 200L Aquatic Garden Güney America,Guyana,Essequibo River

ahmet develioğlu istanbul, Turkey

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 40 × 50 cm
Title Güney America,Guyana,Essequibo River
Volume 200L
Background Black background
Rear glass covered with moss
Lighting Sylvania Grolux T5 39w
Filtration Ehiem 2228
Animals Pterophyllum scalare,Moenkhausia oligolepis,Corydoras aeneus
Materials calluna vulgaris,stone,
silica sand,catappa leaves
Additional Information South America ,Guyana,Essequibo River
İt is situated north of south America continent.
İt is located on the ocean share and very near to the equator.
Therefore; the climate is not suitable for the life of any fish specias.however it can be said that dominant vegetation is tropical.Annual rainfall average of the region is 3000 mm. annual temperature avarage is a round 25°C.The river starts from the border of Brazil passes through the hinterland of Guyana and it flows into the atlantic ocean.River length is 630 miles.

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