#596: 243L Dutch Aquascape walking in the park

chen meng chun Taipei, Taiwan

Awards and Comments

Second Place
This tank checks a lot of boxes when it comes to a Dutch Style tank. However the overall impression is bit lower due to the lack of contrasts in color. It is mostly light green. Try to make some more variations with this and the tank would easily make big steps in scoring.
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 45 × 45 cm
Title walking in the park
Volume 243L
Background commercial foam structure
Lighting T5 HE fluorescent 112W of lighting
Filtration ASTRO 2212
Plants 1 Limnophila aquatics
2 Vallisneria asiatica var.
3 Microsporum pteropus
4 Microsporum pteropus var.
5 Alternanthera reineckii
6 Lobelia cardinals
7 Hygrophila stricta
8 Amannia senegalensis
9 Vesicular sp.
10 Blyxa japonica
11 Ludwigia sp.
12 Hygrophila difformis
13 Hydrocotyle leucocephaia

Animals Neon tetra
Materials aquasoil、driftwood
Additional Information atr liquid fertilizer

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