#641: 55L Biotope Aquascape Slice of Natue

Ashutosh Ahire Pune, India


Good looking Cardinal Tetra habitat! I like the algae on the wood and particles in the water. They both give a natural impression.
— Phil Edwards
Interesting representation of a Rio Negro biotope. I don%u2019t believe assasin snails are found in the Rio Negro.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 51 × 33 × 34 cm
Title Slice of Natue
Volume 55L
Background Black Acrylic sheet
Lighting LED warm daylight
Filtration Eheim 2008
Plants Amazon Frogbits
Animals P. Axelrodi 24
Materials Fine brown sand mixed with gravel, branch wood.
Additional Information Based on Rio Negro habitats, where these are found in submerged roots.

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