#647: 300L Aquatic Garden 风鸣树响

何翌 苏州, China

Awards and Comments

First Place
Almost a poetic image. It reminds me of enchanted tale scenery. I can feel the breeze and the smell of the wet grass of the hill. The perspective is perfect but subtle. Actually everything in this layout is subtle discrete and pleasant. The light in the image is perfect strong and intense in the center exalting the important points of the layout and smooth almost diffuse in the lateral areas. This values the layout giving more importance to the central part which is what needs to be shown more emphatically. Congratulations because in the middle of many intense and overdone layouts this job brought lightness and subtlety to the contest. I loved it.
— André Longarco
Great concept... I can feel the power of the current against the trees in the picture! Excellent Work!
— Kam Wong
A very creative aquascape that feels to be flowing in the water. A nice use of perspective and shadow give the scape a mood to match the scene.
— Shawn McBride

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 50 cm
Title 风鸣树响
Volume 300L
Background white wall
Lighting T5H0 54W*6
Filtration 创星CF1200+CF100
Plants 爬地矮珍珠,垂泪莫斯,迷你矮珍珠,松茸莫斯,迷你椒草,针叶皇冠,叉柱花,爬柳,竹节草,雨裂水蓑衣,红松尾,烟花,大红梅,绿宫廷,黑木橛
Animals 绿莲灯,梦幻玫瑰扯旗,黑莲灯,小猴飞狐,胡子,小精灵,大和藻虾,彩蛋螺
Materials 杜鹃根,山水石,火山石

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