#713: 24L Aquatic Garden One Faith

matthew Israel O. manes Paranaque City, Philippines

Awards and Comments

First Place
Great work!! It is almost impossible to believe that all of this could fit in this size of tank! The proportion and detail is perfect. The layout looks like it should be much bigger. Just one detail in my opinion an empty area in the front with sand would be better for perspective. Congratulations.
— André Longarco
Beautifully arranged detailed like a tank much larger.... may have chosen another type of fish... Great Job!
— Kam Wong
Great attention to detail and use of perspective.
— Shawn McBride

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 21 × 26 cm
Title One Faith
Volume 24L
Background no
Lighting 2pcs 9 watts diy led lights 6500k
Filtration Jeneca HOB filter 680L/H
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides (Cuba), hydrocotyle tripartita, christmas moss, mini pellia, Water Sprite, rotala green, anubias petite, Echinodorus tenellus
Animals neon tetra, neocaridina heteropoda (red cherry shrimp)
Materials Ryuoh stone, Tweety wood, local driftwood.
Additional Information Controsoi, Aquavitro envy fertilizer

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