#757: 170L Dutch Aquascape On A Whim

Sohan Patel Naperville, United States


Nice looking plants good selection as well. COntrasts are also pretty good already. What I am missing here are plants at the strong focal ploints.

The BLyxa is also a bit to close to the centre now and the overall scape would benefit from a bit more variations in height.

Regarding the fish; NBAT rules imply a shoal of fish should consist of at least 12 animals from the same species (if they are shoaling species). This means in this tank less species but more of the ones that remain.
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 48 × 12 × 18 cm
Title On A Whim
Volume 170L
Background Black Posterboard
Lighting 2x BML 10000k XB
Filtration Sunsun hw-302
Plants Rotala colorata, hygrophila Angustifolia, Lobelia Cardinalis 'mini', Pogostemon octopus, Myrio Red Stem, Blyxa Japonica, Hygrophila Siamensis 53b, Hygrophila Corymbosa 'stricta', Staurogyne Repens, AR mini, Pogostemon Erectus, Ludwigia Arcuata, Hydrocotyle 'japan'
Animals 8x Praecox Rainbows, 6x Diamond Tetras, 4x Corydoras, 4x Apistogramma Macmasteri, 6x Neon Tetra, 6x Pristella Tetra
Materials Eco Complete
Additional Information EI fertilization

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