#760: 20L Biotope Aquascape North Eastern Taiwan Mountain Stream Biotope

James Sheen Southampton, United Kingdom


I am glad that you put such effort into learning about your biotope. Unfortunately a tall tank isn't the best for depicting a section of a stream. And the little moss tops are too fresh and new looking.
— Karen Randall
I can tell you put some thought into the animal species in this aquarium. The newness of the moss and general lack of impression of a true stream bed reduces the overall score. Try looking up pictures of stream bed rock and sediment arrangement for next time. Keep it up!
— Phil Edwards

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 30 cm
Title North Eastern Taiwan Mountain Stream Biotope
Volume 20L
Background No background
Lighting Dennerle nano style 3W LED. Vivid light - 6500K, with shimmering effect
Filtration Dennerle Corner Filter 150 l/h
Plants Taiwan Moss - Taxiphyllum alternans
Animals Blue Neon Goby - Stiphodon atropurpureus X 2
Amano Shrimp - Caridina multidentata X 2
Malaysian Trumpet Snail - Melanoides tuberculata X 4
Materials Sand and small natural gravel mix to recreate the substrate in the mountain streams. I added some smooth round cobble stones keeping in with what is found in this particular biotope. To create that more natural feel I added a few random smooth stones to break up the cobbles and the sand/gravel mix. All the stones would be smooth in the wild due to the streams flow.
Additional Information The exact location of my chosen biotope is 25.0556484, 121.9122744
Shi-Ding River
Gongliao District.
New Taipei City
This stream has trees along it's bank, one of which is the Eriobotrya japonica or Loquat Tree so I have used Loquat Leaves to recreate the leaf litter that would be found settled behind the larger stones or out of the main flow of the stream.

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